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Well, the 1998 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay is behind us, and we're already planning to make the technical efforts for the B2V 1999 event even better. I'm the webmaster for the new domain Baker-to-Vegas.org, which hosts the technical and training information for the volunteers that participate from the S.F. Bay Area. (It's also the main machine where I practice UNIX System Administration.) Please look on the Baker-to-Vegas.org site for the most recent pages.

I hold a General-Class Amateur Radio FCC license. I'm currently appointed as an ARRL District Emergency Coordinator 'at large' in the ARRL East Bay Section, because the ARRL doesn't recognize the position of Assistant Section E.C. My responsibilities are primarily developing training materials for use in the four counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, and Solano) that make up the ARRL East Bay Section, and helping to coordinate the training efforts of City- and County-level HAM groups within the section.. I'm also an officer in the Non-Profit Corporatrion East Bay Section A.R.E.S., Inc. which was founded to help support the efforts of Amateur Radio Emergency Services groups and clubs within the East Bay Section.

I've been speaking Esperanto (The International Language) for more than eight years now, and I'm currently the webmaster and postmaster for the site Esperanto.org. I'm also the Secretary for Internet Affairs (for '98-'99) for the International League of Esperantist Radio Amateurs (ILERA). You can read my information about the ILERA Net Frequencies and Fall Contest, if you are interested.

As well as having instructed basic and advanced networking topics at U.C. Santa Cruz Extension, and San Jose State University's Professional Development classes, and guest lectured at U.C. Berkeley extension, I'm co-author of a self-paced tutorial " Mastering Network Management", one of a series of books from Numidia Press (ISBN 1880548135).

My big hobby (read: what I do when work and volunteer work make me crazy) is building my own creations with LEGO bricks. I have a website with pictures from a bunch of my projects including the i Large Fire Station, Train Round House, Train Turntable, Zamboni, Marble Maze, and a few others. My favorite theme right now is Trains. I'm always looking for old LEGO bricks and stuff, so please let me know if you think you may have some old LEGO that needs a good home.

The space for all my pages on tio.net are sponsored by Ed Williger (one of my favorite Esperanto instructors), and the staff of The Independent Operation.

The space for my pages on Esperanto.org, Baker-to-Vegas.org, BayLUG.org, and Jeffk.com are all donated by KH6JUZ Enterprises.

My pages are all created on a Macintosh DUO 230, using CLARIS MacDraw Pro for creating artwork and illustrations, and Adobe PageMill and CLARIS Home Page for creating web pages. Photos are scanned in by a STORM Technologies EasyPhoto scanner.
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