More information about the ARE '95 conference

Norman Fleury kaj aliaj organizantoj de la jam fama Auxtuna Renkontigxo Esperantista preparos por la dua fojo. Cxi foje, ili kalklos ankaux je la cxi stado de kelkaj usonaj junuloj.

After the resounding success of the 1st Auxtuna Renkontigxo Esperantista last October which united nearly 60 Esperantists from Canada and the United States, a second time around is natural.

This year's ARE is taking place once again at the Okemo Ski Resort in Ludlow, Vermont, the weekend of October 7-9. Esperantists from both Canada and the United States are expected to gather in Ludlow, although guests from overseas may show up as well. Organizer Normand Fleury is especially looking for more participation among young people. Hopefully, USEJ members can manage to attend since many members of KEJO will be there. There is a nearby youth hostel for those who prefer not to stay at the ski lodge. Being the most international Esperanto conference available in the Northeast, ARE is definitely worth tending.

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