The British are Coming!

Dank' al Theresa Makin, via estrarano pri internaciaj rilatoj, la Junularo Esperantista Brita kaj USEJ eldonos komunan numeron de niaj novajxleteroj por niaj membroj! Jen bonega forumo por konigi viajn ideojn, pensojn, verkojn kaj aliajn al britaj kaj usonaj junuloj kaj sekve fari…i konata de ambaux flankoj de l'Atlantiko!

Thanks to Theresa Makin, your board member on international relations, the national Esperantist youth boards of the United Kingdom (JEB) and United States (USEJ) have decided to create a communal issue for our members, to be published in the March/April 1996 issue.

Recently, JEB collaborated on a communal issue with Junulara Esperantista Franca Organizo. In fact, these types of projects have been popular in Europe for some time. This will be the first time, however, that British and American youths have published together.

While the exact details are being worked out, why not take some time to think about how YOU can contribute to this exciting project? Here's a perfect opportunity to let young people on both sides of the Alantic know how youw feel!

Whatcha you feel like saying? How about writing a short article about how young Esperantists can improve their knowledge of the language? Maybe you have a great idea on how to attract more young people to Esperanto. Know a way to get money for travelling? Feel free to pass it on! As always, we're also looking forward to receiving stories, poems, literary works, games, puzzles etc.

Send your contributions to:
Ktp!, 624 Second Street , Lancaster PA 17603-5114
or e-mail at

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Written by Joseph Truong JTRUONG@LOYOLA.EDU
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