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Music for the Modern Day

Akvo isn't the only rock band on the Esperanto horizon. In the past ten years the music scene has developed greatly and nowhere is this more easily visible than in the compilation album, Vinilkosmo-Kompil'. Vinilkosmo is the record label founded by EUROKKA, for promoting Esperanto pop, rock, jazz, and folk music. This first volume has singles from 15 different bands.

An obvious labor of love, Kompil' is a great introduction to the new music available. The music covers the spectrum from rock to alternative to folk, and is good enough that my non-Esperantist fiance, enjoys it as well. The liner notes include a page about each band, including the lyrics to the song; a short intro to the band and what they were trying to convey in the song, in Esperanto, English, French, Spanish and German; a discography of the bands previous works; and a contact address.

The only real problem with the album is the high price (about $25), but that's not extraordinary for an import. Work has already begun on the next album and preorders are being accepted by Vinilkosmo at Vinilkosmo, Esperanto-Rok-Asocio, F-31450 Donneville, Francio (telefono: +33 61819565).

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