Learning Aids


There are a variety of resources available online to help you start learning Esperanto covering the Grammar of, Dictionaries for, and Instruction in Esperanto.

Esperanto Grammar

* The sixteen basic rules of Esperanto grammar by Don Harlow.
* An Explanation of the Esperanto Alphabet and Typography by Don Harlow.
* An Explanation of the word-building system used in Esperanto along with some basic affixes by Don Harlow.
* Esperanto Correlatives ... What they are, how to use them by Don HARLOW


Esperanto Dictionaries


* EspDict -- Esperanto and English Dictionary (Alwin LOECKX)
* English-Esperanto -- In text format (David RICHARDSON and D. Dale GULLEDGE)
* Esperanto Basic Vocabulary -- assembled by Aaron D. Irvine
* A Vocabulary list -- Esperanto-English by Neal McBURNETT.

Special Interest Dictionaries

* Birds (Danish-Latin-Esperanto)by Byrial JENSEN
* Family and Home Terms (Esperanto-Others) by Jouko LINDSTEDT
* Mammals and Insects (Esperanto-Latin) by Wouter PILGER
* Mathematics (Esperanto-Others) (Horst HOLDGRÜN)

Computer Dictionaries

* A Computer Lexicon from Pokrovskij with README file.
* A Basic Computer Dictionary by Kalckhoff and Pick (Munchen, 1985). Esperanto/English.
* A list on basic computer terms from Martin Weichert.
* An Esperanto/English/French computer dictionary with README file.


Esperanto Instruction

* The Esperanto Hypercourse
* the Free Esperanto Course that is available by e-mail from:
* you can also find out more about local classes from your national and local organizations or from USEJ's classes page